Get up and Go again

I know you’re tired and battle weary. It’s been a long 2 or 5 or 10 or 20 years. But you’re being asked to try again. Try love, or your dream career, or building a family again. Whatever it may be. The Universe is handing you the opportunity to do something in a bigger and better way than you did it last time.

And yet, you’re scared to take the leap because you know victory isn’t going to be easy. Just like the last times weren’t easy. In fact, this time around might even be a bit more difficult. So, you might ask, “Why should I try again?”

Try again because you’re stronger, wiser, quicker on your feet than you used to be. It’s not that the challenges won’t be there. The same kind of things that tried to block you before will show up again. Except this time, you’ll see them coming. You’ll see them coming. You’ll be so quick, so nimble that you’ll dance over those blocks like yesterday’s garbage. Because that’s all they are anyway. 


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