Monthly Engagement

3 Sessions per month

These uplifting and clarifying sessions will take you to the next steps on your spiritual journey.


Whether your session calls for a traditional tarot reading or ancestral mediumship, you will hear everything you need to know.


You will also receive prescriptive advice about your next steps so you can either move forward on your own, or continue to work with me and my support team through other modalities.


As a shadow hunter. I will get to the bottom of places and things you may not want see, yet are crucial to getting you out of your own way.


Highly rated. As seen Keen &


"Very connected..."

“Absolutely amazing! She was able to guide me in my situation and I’m looking forward to calling her again she is very connected!!!”

- Ashley A.

"Good insight & perspective!"

“I’m so glad I spoke with Ava! She connected really well with what I was feeling, and reassured me that being true to myself is always the best option, and will bring prosperity too!!”

- Alysha R.

Very connected...

“Ava was very sweet and gave some great insight to things going on in my life and answered some very needed answers. will call again thank you.”

- Riccaila F.

“When Spirit has had Its way our session is complete.”

I use a variety of methods and tools depending on your needs at the time. There is no hard timeframe for these sessions as I am in service to Spirit and It does not operate on our time.

Sessions typically last approximately 25-35 minutes. I also highly recommend setting aside at least an additional half hour for yourself after our time together to integrate what you have received.

methods & philosophy

Serving in love, truth, and faith in the Great Spirit.







I am Universalist in my religious beliefs and can help anyone of any background or tradition.  I believe in both free will and destiny. While there are things beyond this space-time that impact our direction in life, our choices dictate how we experience it. Integrating the best and worst parts of ourselves is the only path to personal freedom and fulfillment.

“It is time for us to hunt down our fears and embrace our callings. Will you join me a for a session?”

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