In the beginning was the word…

Sometimes Spirit will give you a vision for something when you don’t have a language for it, because that language is specific to you. You won’t be able to describe it. People will be confused by what it is you’re trying to produce because they’ve never seen it before. They’ve never seen you before. But as you are, it is already here and within you. Whatever you are trying to birth is not only part of you. It is you.

Stay in communication with the depths of your own soul as you bring your ideas into the world. You’re not alone. You are not lost. You are simply in communion with the unseen.  Your spirit will guide the way. Allow it to pour out of you. As you give your vision form, the words will come. Trust it. Trust yourself.


Teaching people how to trust themselves is literally one of my favorite things to do. I can help you to remove the spiritual debris that prevents a clear connection with the divine. Click to book an appointment.

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