I guide powerful leaders into spiritual alignment with their life’s work.

You may not know every corner of your identity. But you know you have a specific purpose.  Still, somehow things aren’t quite melding together. You continue to run into the same patterns. The same challenges.

Alternatively, your work may be the right work. Your relationship may be the right one. But how you’re doing it is completely out of alignment with your unique genius.

If you can let your true self lead, that feeling of satisfaction you’ve been chasing will rise up through you like a hot spring. You won’t need to question yourself all the time.  And that’s when life gets juicy. 

I’ve helped hundreds of people find their way to that sense of satisfaction by connecting to themselves and their roots. Both my informal and formal experiences help me inspire clients to greatness. 


2000 - 2003

Bachelor of Science, Urban Development & Economics, Florida State University

2018 - 2021

Master of Arts, Human Consciousness and Transformative Studies, National University

2009 - 2011

Master of Arts, Commerical Design and Sustainability, Harrington Collect of Design

2019 - 2020

Graduate Studies, Social Science and Divinity, University of Chicago


2021 - 2022

Priestess Certification, Priestess Presence Temple & School of the Sacred Arts

2018- 2021

Shamanic Traditions, Body Consciousness, Facilitation, National University

Teaching courage and leadership through spiritual self-awareness:


I am proud to be born and raised in the south. My cultural roots and spiritual practices hail from the Florida/Georgia region. While my childhood religion is Christian and rooted in the African Methodist Episcopal church, I’ve found my way back to my sanity and myself through the hoodoo traditions of my ancestors.

Hail to all of Them, known and unknown, who have kept me and raised me between the veils! I offer you my deepest bow of gratitude and tears of soft joy for bringing me to this place of light. May we stay ever connected in this life and the next. In the name of the Great Mother-Father who keeps us all, may the Light of Truth prevail.


Spiritually. The quantum and ancestral perspectives. Divining your past and present as it impacts your destiny and your future pathways.
Objectively. Bringing the shadow into the light. Energies that you are not aware of or do not want to see. Seeing the objective truth for you and your situation.
Practically. Earthly and Material. The practical next steps you need to take to make the spiritual of real-world use to you.


I am quite accurate with predictive reads when it comes to you, your dates, your work, your own actions. I prefer not to make predictions from third parties. Other individuals have their own free will and right to consent. Attempting to control another person or making decisions in your life based on what another person might do turns your personal will power over to another human being.
I welcome the opportunity to hold your hand in friendship as you learn to trust the Unknown.
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