The Future of Business is Sacred

Careers for spiritual leaders looks different than careers for everyone else. You might be an entrepreneur, an activist, or community organizer. No matter the industry, you are someone who feels deeply called to do your work. Your calling requires immense faith in a power greater than yourself.

Trendy cookie cutter advice will not work for you.

You need wise guidance from someone who can help you integrate both practical and spiritual pursuits. I am inviting you on a journey unlike any other. This path is one of self-discovery and uncovery; where you release everything that doesn’t belong to you and reclaim all that does.  

These sessions are for leaders who are ready and willing to break free of the chains that bind them. 

While the shorter Spirit Speaks sessions will give you practical advice and next steps, I invite you on a more intensive journey with me through SoulQuest. If you’re wondering where this phase in your career is headed, a comprehensive SoulQuest Assessment is the best place to start. This assessment will: 
  • Identify your unique genius
  • Map out your life path and current purpose
  • Advise you on your shadows and limiting beliefs
  • Illuminate what brings you fulfillment
  • Educate you on how to leverage your power identity in your business pursuits. 

It’s time to welcome your calling with devotion and grace.

SoulQuest is my signature program. It has taken me years to find this uncommon blend of spiritual and practical modalities to serve today’s leaders. Will you join me?

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Spirit Speaks ™ Single Session

Understand your current career cycle.

Spirit Speaks ™ | Subscription

Understand and manage your career cycle.

SoulQuest 360° ™

A 1-year commitment to align with your calling.

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