Resilience in changing times

Change can be difficult. As life cycles through deaths and rebirths, so too are we asked of follow the natural order of things. A career change, divorce, death, family concerns, or simply a shift in perspective can throw us into a world of confusion.

You can dance through transitions if you have insight and foresight.

It is one thing to have an understanding of where you’re going. It is quite another to have an insight into the direction of your external circumstances. Successfully navigating the unseen takes courage and sometimes, a little divination. 

I can help you learn how to walk in the dark.  

A single Spirit Speaks tm session can give you a map and a framework for what is happening during this cycle of your life and give you advice for the course of action that is best for you and those you care about. Founded on the principles of traditional astrology, tarot, and classical mediumship, these sessions are intended to help you navigate difficult waters with peace and grace.

My calling is to help you through:  

  • Divorce and break-ups
  • Home life changes and expansion
  • Saturn Return
  • Mid-life or Quarter life crisis
  • Changes at work

Change is my specialty.

Transitional guidance is the most difficult kind of experience to facilitate, yet it is my best (and favorite) kind of work to do. I welcome the opportunity to guide you over troubled waters.

Choose your path...

Spirit Speaks ™ Single Session

Understand your current change cycle.

Spirit Speaks ™ | Subscription

Understand and manage these changes.

SoulQuest 360° ™

One year of loving support through the changes.

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