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Media Bio

Ava St. Claire is a spiritual teacher, facilitator, and advisor who guides leaders through their purpose. As a former marketing executive and tech maven, Ava knows what it means to be a leader in corporate environments while having a Divine calling.

Her background as a hacktivist on Chicago’s southside has secured investors like PNC Bank, US Bank, and JP Morgan Chase. Ava’s forward-thinking, compassionate community leadership is featured in The World is Always Coming to an End by award-winning journalist, Carlo Rotella.

Practicing her heritage of southern root work and traditions of the Magi gives Ava a unique perspective. She teaches on the connections between ancient knowledge and the impact of artificial intelligence on mankind’s spirit. Ava continuously builds a body of knowledge through organizations such as the World Future Society, the Center for Applied Rationality, and the Long Now Foundation.

Ava’s primary gift lies in soul-nourishing thought leadership. She continues to invest in the human potential movement as the Founder of the Sanahalili Institute for Human Spiritual Development.


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Sanahalili Thesis

The Impact of Social Media on Teen Consciousness

“…to have a sense of self, one also needs a sense of the outside world. But for the children coming of age now, that inside and outside world is split in fours. There is the inner world of thoughts, feelings, and experiences.”


Notes on Human Imagination & Machine Cognition

“…Thirdly, he introduces evidence for theories of transformative development. Agency, coherence, memory, and affectivity are pivotal invariants that contribute to a cohesive sense of self over time and helps the infant to abstract those experiences…”


Chaos & Divination

“The obsession with predictability is the spawn of the “clockwork universe”. Since the days of Isaac Newton, the U.S. and Europe have been in a love affair with a different god; that of certainty and logic. Mathematics. Science. Rationality. Machination. Reason. These are still the pantheon of gods that rule Western economics…”


Philosophy of Mind:  Examining Philosophy’s Role in Policy-Making.

In the past, policy design has depended on empirical studies from research institutions. However, to continue building a more inclusive society, on-the-ground policymakers will need to be more conscious and self-aware of their biases as intellectual celebrities place new pressures on public policy…”


Gun Violence in Chicago: Causal Systems by Dominance

“These communities lose their resilience against violence partly because they become closed systems. By looking at the dominant factors of negative perception, lack of education, social, and emotional literacy, it is easy to see how a once open system can become closed. “


An Interfaith Temple, Retreat Center, and Research Institution.

“to build an integrative spiritual health facility, Sanahalili, by 2031. The facility will house an interfaith temple, retreat center, and research institution. This is an ambitious plan that will require me to strengthen my existing skill set and gain new ones… a three-phase path that allows me to set a solid foundation for the business to ensure its success…”


past events

The Love Project
February 10-13 | Thursday – Sunday | 7PM – 9PM CST

The Love Project puts our current romantic habits into perspective. We’ll spend four days talking, chatting, journaling, and working together in healthy ways to be with each other in this era.

Sunday, January 15, 2022

Healing our relationship with the Truth. How to maintain your center. Recognizing the good, the bad, when to stay, and when to move on.

upcoming events

Double-Up on Love
Wednesday, July 14 | 7PM – 9PM CST

An uplifting and practical conversation on empowering the divine feminine spirit. 

The Queen’s Council
November 2nd – November 22nd

Awaken & amplify your sacred feminine sovereignty. 10-part Masterclass series. More details coming soon. 

May we continue to reach our greatest capacity by building and imagining new things.”

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