Start the journey of self-discovery. 

CDeep in your bellyis aknowing that something much bigger than you is guiding your life. Whether you’ve experienced uncanny synchronicities or had paranormal experiences, developing your spiritual life will give you greater control over when and how you communicate with the Divine. 

Intuition is part gift, part talent, and part skill.

We are all born with spiritual capacity. It is impossible to be human without it. However, just as most of us are capable of cooking dinner for ourselves, only some are master chefs. Most of us are capable of running. Only a comparative handful make it to the Olympics. 

This work is for the ones with big, courageous hearts.  

Regardless of where you fall on the spectrum, your spiritual capacities can be developed. Bravery and honesty are the first requirements for this work. It is not the size of your third eye or the cleanliness of your pineal gland that will bring enlightenment. It is your willingness to identify and integrate your own shadow that will bring the light of Truth. 

My calling is to help you get comfortable with the dark and light parts of yourself:  

  • Identifying your spiritual gifts and capacities
  • Embodying your life purpose
  • Developing mediumship
  • Building spiritual protection
  • Separating fear from intuition
  • Practicing the art of prayer and contemplation
  • Integrating the spiritual with the practical

All religions and traditions welcomed.

I have vast experience and training to work within the framework of most any tradition or religion. Where additional assistance is needed, I have a highly skilled and diverse support network to help. If you’re ready to connect more deeply, now’s the time to reserve a session. 

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