It's time to embrace your calling. . .

I am inviting you on a journey unlike any other. This path is one of self-discovery and uncovery; where you release everything that doesn’t belong to you and reclaim all that does. 

Spiritual leadership looks different for everyone. You might be an entrepreneur, a parent, an activist, or community organizer. You are someone who feels deeply called to do your work. Your calling requires immense faith in a Power greater than yourself.
I want to teach you what I’m learning about moving through the highs and lows of the spiritual path. In work and love, I learn cosmic lessons watching people around me. Other lessons I earn.

The best use of these experiences is to offer their blessings to fellow spiritual leaders. The spiritual path is a destined one. This does not mean your path is any more important than anyone else’s. But it has highly unique challenges. 
You need a unique perspective to guide you along the way. Trendy cookie cutter advice won’t work. You need guidance from someone who truly understands your strengths and challenges.
This offer is for leaders like you who are ready and willing to break free of the chains that bind them and finally see their full range of possibilities. Know that I am devoted to the work of the Holy Spirit and will hold you accountable to your capacity. I expect you to do the same for me.
It’s time to welcome your calling with devotion and grace. I invite you to spend a few hours a month working with me on this new chapter in your evolution.

you will receive:

  • One, 1- hour spiritual reading 
  • Two half-hour spiritual readings
  • Access to workbooks and materials
  • Private, secure portal for notes and online journaling
  • 25% discount to other paid workshops and events

To maintain a high-quality, intimate group setting, there are only 30 seats are available.


This is the first time I’ve offered anything like this outside of my private practice. I am joyfully awaiting the opportunity to help guide people like you who are changing the world.


May the Spirit of the Living Light bring us ever closer to love, wisdom, and the courage to meet our destiny.

Yes, I'm ready to work with Ava to embrace my calling...

(The work begins immediately. You can book your first session after payment.)

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