I offer services at three levels:

Teaching & Facilitation, Spiritual Advising, and Personal Support.
For maximum effectiveness, monthly memberships must be purchased at a 3-month minimum. 


I welcome opportunities to speak on nearly any aspect of leadership and human spiritual development.


Bones & Runes.

Spiritual Advising

Single Session, $125. | Membership, $195
* For general questions: relationship, business ventures, etc.

Whether your session calls for traditional tarot reading or ancestral mediumship, you will hear everything you need to know.

* Receive prescriptive advice about your next steps so you can either move forward on your own, or continue to work with me and my team support team through other modalities.

*All memberships include 2 sessions per month and a secured, private portal.

Customized Support

Membership only, $415

* Holistic bi-weekly coaching sessions tailored to suit your needs. Designed to help you move you beyond the edge of your limitations and become a better leader.

* Embrace your life purpose and how to live it in a world that doesn’t understand the challenges that come with the spiritual path.

* Learn how to identify who and what to trust, build sustainable relationships, diagnose and overcome chronic fears. 

* Especially suited for high-performing leaders, healers, and corporate athletes. 

SoulQuest 360°

Single Session, $675

* A comprehensive analysis of your life purpose and path. 

* Release everything that doesn’t belong to you and reclaim all that does.

* Begins with an extensive pre-assessment of your Personal Power Profile™, Astrology, and other aspects of your soul map.

* Follow-up is a 1.5-hour session to review the findings, give you time to ask questions, and receive instruction for your next steps. 

* Ongoing support is available specifically for clients on the SoulQuest Journey. 

I love connecting with clients and friends. Meet me on Instagram and YouTube.