You're a corporate warrior, entrepreneur, or powerful activist.

You may not know every corner of your identity. But you know you have a specific purpose. So does your work. Still somehow, things aren’t quite matching up.

Whether it’s your work, love, or family life, something is missing. You don’t know why you keep running into the same patterns and challenges. You feel like you’re doing everything right, but something is wrong.


Perhaps your work is the right work. Your relationship is the right one. But how you’re doing it is completely out of alignment with your unique genius.

Your purpose is my purpose.

I guide incredible leaders to, and through alignment with their life path.

I know what it’s like to play by all the rules of the game of life and still come up … short. To see everyone else win with half the effort while you’re doubling down and not even being noticed. You’re working and working but still nothing brings the sense of satisfaction you’re expecting to feel.

I’ve been there. At one point, I completely abandoned everything about myself to fit in better at work, in society, and even at home. But I only find myself suicidal and constantly in narcissistic relationships of all shapes and sizes.

One day, I started to understand what I was doing wrong.

I stopped playing the game altogether.

Feel the satisfaction of doing life your way: Mind, body, and spirit.

When your mind thinks success has to go one way and your heart wants a completely different experience, you have to let your heart lead the way. Indeed the heart is stronger than the mind. And for leaders like you, the heart is a 2,000 pound gorilla.

So why fight it. You’re going to lose. Let your heart lead. After some transition, you will see your life will begin to fall into place. That feeling you were chasing at work or in your relationships, will rise up through like a hot spring. You won’t need anything or anybody else. And that’s when shit gets real good.

When you're looking for both practical and spiritual guidance

I'm here for you.

With each one of us doing what we came to do:we can truly create heaven on earth.

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