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Original sin

Original sin

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Sin: To err. To fail. To miss the mark.
This whole time I thought the target I was supposed to be hitting was simple. Like… don’t watch porn. Don’t punch people in the face. But it’s more complicated than that. It’s more like….watching porn instead of connecting with your lover or going to sleep so that you can be your best self for others the next day is how you miss the mark, your mark. Punching someone in the face prevents them from seeing the light in you. Each encounter we have with each other is another opportunity to dance with the light.
Watching porn isn’t necessarily the sin itself. Watching porn at 3 am when you’re supposed to be sleep so that you can be your best self for others the next day is the sin. It’s not the Cheetos. It’s eating the Cheetos when you know you can’t eat just one bag and so it it puts you further away from your health goals. It’s doing the things that keep you small. That keep you from learning how to carry bigger s.
That’s the sin. The separation of your self/higher self from God in favor of immediate gratified and physical comfort. The shame that comes with it comes not from the act itself but from making the choice that overshadows your growth and progression
Mechanics of not living in sin
Move toward making better decisions from inspiration you being in communion with spirit. It isn’t that being in communion with spirit makes you not want to sin. It just breathes in you the fire of inspiration for your soul assignment such that the sin becomes a less attractive option
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