That’s Just Our Policy: An American Story of Racism, Policy and Higher Education

That’s Just Our Policy – An American Story of Racism, Policy, and Higher Education By Ava St. Claire   Four of the world’s top scientists sat gracefully perched in cherry red chairs. Bright white spotlights fell softly on the esteemed figures as they swiveled in their mid-century rockers. Their forms seemed to float on stage […]

The House Always Wins

The little nagging things we overlook when we’ve found the perfect job or the perfect spouse: “The benefits aren’t so great, but I its a good job for me.” “She can be a little overbearing, but where else am I going to find a chick this hot?!” Two years later, you’re crying yourself to sleep […]

Thank You to Ezra Klein: From a Mathematically Disinclined Black Girl

As a young girl, I remember crying and struggling over math at the kitchen table. Suffering to reason though what seemed to me to be ethereal concepts of nothingness. I’m the kind of person who needs to understand the context of a thing to understand its mechanics. But math didn’t seem to have any. It was […]

Studying Between Piaget & Loevinger

I was thoroughly and completely confused about how traditional cognitive development theory fit with Consciousness studies. It is extremely difficult for me to learn things with context and destination. In trying to etymologically place my studies, there didn’t seem to be a succinct explanation of where the hell the information was coming from. Finally, one […]

The Psychology of Self-Transformation

In the second part of our introduction to Jung (link to part 1 below) we examine the individuation process, dream analysis, the persona, the shadow, the anima/animus, and the Self.

Belief & Imagination

Some days you can’t tell if bad surprises are part of being in business or if God is singling you out. I’ve met people from all stages of business growth and success. Learning from them and my own experiences have taught me that the task of leadership is challenging for all of us. But the […]

Mondays are Magical Too

Mondays are magical. At least they can be, they’re supposed to be. If your Monday isn’t Magical you’ve gone wrong somewhere. Perhaps you spent the whole weekend worrying or working or preparing for today. So, now you’ve just got today. And today, the whole world, being just as anxious as you are, is coming at […]

Biting the Hand that Feeds You

Biting the hand that feeds you. Sometimes when I feed my dog, she jumps at the food and ends up biting me. Because she’s so afraid the food will hit the floor. That I might change my mind or it may be otherwise swept away by some figment of her imagination. That’s how we are with […]

But You Forgot to Add the Meat

Simon Sinek has recently gone viral for his interview about Millenials having a problem with impatience. The idea was that they want to be seen or make an impact very quickly without putting in the proper amount of time. Ironically, Sinek never mentioned that he’s been in the leadership game for over a decade. Yet, he’s […]