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The House Always Wins

The House Always Wins

The little nagging things we overlook when we’ve found the perfect job or the perfect spouse:

“The benefits aren’t so great, but I its a good job for me.”
“She can be a little overbearing, but where else am I going to find a chick this hot?!”

Two years later, you’re crying yourself to sleep at night as the “slightly overbearing” girlfriend-turned-wife squeezes your balls between the grates of an orange juicer because the so-so benefits from your “great job” won’t cover all her fancy dental work.

Don’t compromise. At best, compromises just show up as junk parts you’ll have to clean up and haul away later. It costs money, time, and energy to push all that weight. Even if you’re the creative sort who can create some kind of interesting feature out of mismatched parts, it will cost time and energy too. Most likely though, you’ll just spend your life managing a junkyard. You’ll wonder why you’re not happier, or richer, or more at peace as you tend to the decaying flim-flam in your yard.

Go with your gut. Don’t second-guess yourself because you lack the confidence to question the salesman who’s feeding you shit. If it smells fishy, I can assure you it is a pregnant Piranha. Whatever adverse seeds of discordance you whiff out in the beginning will be of inconceivable consequence later on. I’m not saying look for perfection. Just be sure you have the resources to be accountable for the imperfections. There is no course-correcting the trajectory of a compromised decision.

No matter who or what you manipulate, you can not evade the loss of a bad investment. Do not gamble with the Universe on matters of Truth because you are afraid to speak up for yourself or demand what you want. If there is a question in the body, make it a ‘no’ in the mind.

As a VIP highroller at Club Middle-Ground and Half-Measures, I can assure you, the house always wins. Seek Truth. Speak Truth. Know and ask for what you want. You’ll thank yourself later.

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