That’s Just Our Policy: An American Story of Racism, Policy and Higher Education

That’s Just Our Policy – An American Story of Racism, Policy, and Higher Education By Ava St. Claire   Four of the world’s top scientists sat gracefully perched in cherry red chairs. Bright white spotlights fell softly on the esteemed figures as they swiveled in their mid-century rockers. Their forms seemed to float on stage […]

Why Women Don’t Know What They Want to Eat

1. What do women want to eat? Surf and Turf, dude. I want to snack at the Cheesecake Factory and eat Sushi at a five star restaurant, and a 24k gold sundae for dinner. EVERY DAY! What the f**k do you think?! For this reason, ‘What do you want to eat’ is really a dumbass […]

Power, Love, Disempowered Feminine

My natural state of being in the divine feminine is not an acceptable way of being. Where I am not accepted, I cannot be loved. So when I cannot feel love through acceptance and connection, I will attempt to find that sense of love by being in servitude, by pleasing . Where you are not […]

On Waiting …

Recently, I’ve been struck by one of the greatest transition periods of my adult life. Though it is not my first, nor will it be my last, I am still amazed by how debilitating such a process can be. Though they are typically induced by external circumstances, I will advise others not to be fooled. […]

Farewell . . .

After inviting my black self to the Academy to indulge in intellectual pursuits, I spent the better part of these two years listening to the voices of old white men. Well, I suppose young ones too, since both Alan Watts and Sam Harris had tenure in my youtube playlists. Finally seeing through the veiled and […]

The House Always Wins

The little nagging things we overlook when we’ve found the perfect job or the perfect spouse: “The benefits aren’t so great, but I its a good job for me.” “She can be a little overbearing, but where else am I going to find a chick this hot?!” Two years later, you’re crying yourself to sleep […]

The World Is Always Coming to An End

Book Summary from Amazon: “In the late 1960s and 1970s Carlo Rotella grew up in Chicago’s South Shore neighborhood—a place of neat bungalow blocks and desolate commercial strips, and sharp, sometimes painful social contrasts. In the decades since, the hollowing out of the middle class has left residents confronting—or avoiding—each other across an expanding gap […]

Thank You to Ezra Klein: From a Mathematically Disinclined Black Girl

As a young girl, I remember crying and struggling over math at the kitchen table. Suffering to reason though what seemed to me to be ethereal concepts of nothingness. I’m the kind of person who needs to understand the context of a thing to understand its mechanics. But math didn’t seem to have any. It was […]

The Objectification of Men

Just as men are often blamed for objectifying women (and rightfully so), women objectify men. Not sexually, but as financial gets; As achievements or objects they can carry to events on their arms.  A couple of days ago, I saw a video entitled, “How I Manifested a Husband.” I’m sure this is is just click bait, but it […]

The Audience

Dita Von Teese…once recounted something she had learned in her days as a stripper. Her colleagues [dressed cheaply] would strip bare for an audience of 50 guys in the club, and each of them would tip a dollar. ‘Dita would take to the stage [dressed classucally burlesque]. And though 49 guys would ignore her, one […]