The Audience

Dita Von Teese…once recounted something she had learned in her days as a stripper. Her colleagues [dressed cheaply] would strip bare for an audience of 50 guys in the club, and each of them would tip a dollar. ‘Dita would take to the stage [dressed classucally burlesque]. And though 49 guys would ignore her, one […]

People in Pscyh, Soul, and Everything in Between

Traditional Psychology Consciousness Studies Spirit/Soul Studies PiagetThomas KuhnKurt FisherMichael Beseeches Michael Commons PiagetKen Wilbur This is a dump post for all these people that keep cropping up. I figure I can do a more sophisticated model for categorizing these thinkers later on.

Studying Between Piaget & Loevinger

I was thoroughly and completely confused about how traditional cognitive development theory fit with Consciousness studies. It is extremely difficult for me to learn things with context and destination. In trying to etymologically place my studies, there didn’t seem to be a succinct explanation of where the hell the information was coming from. Finally, one […]

A Wicked Problem

A presentation on Ken Wilbur’s Wicked Problem model using gun violence in Chicago as an example. A map of the influencers, stakeholders, perspectives, and contributing factors.


If we sat more than one at a cafe table, we’d have someone to watch our laptops while we took bathroom breaks. If we said hello to our neighbors, we’d have someone to dogsit. If we called our family members back, we’d have a ride to the store.  But our focus on getting shit done […]

Addicted to the Wrong Side of Rapture

There’s this thing I’ve observed. Where we keep ripping the scabs off our wounds so we can feel the rapture of pain. We get addicted to the feeling. That sweet sorrow. Where we roll around in it. And others will watch. Sometimes, they toss gifts of pity while we perform in our mud pits of […]

PostHuman: An Introduction to Transhumanism

We investigate three dominant areas of transhumanism: super longevity, super intelligence and super wellbeing, and briefly cover the ideas of thinkers Aubrey de Grey, Ray Kurzweil and David Pearce. Email us at: Official Website: Facebook: Twitter: Google+: Written by: Peter Brietbart and Marco Vega Animation & Design Lead: Many Artists […]

The Psychology of Self-Transformation

In the second part of our introduction to Jung (link to part 1 below) we examine the individuation process, dream analysis, the persona, the shadow, the anima/animus, and the Self.

Snoh Aalegra

Underated all-around artist, Snoh Aalegra. Music video by Snoh Aalegra performing Sometimes / Worse. © 2018 Artium Recordings

The Unicorn Movement

Donning glittery horns and galloping through London’s streets, Shaft’s unicorns set about trying to create a free-love utopia. But as the unicorn revolution begins to clash with the realities of life and love, some of the “glampede” became disillusioned, and Shaft’s reasons for starting this whole thing came into question.