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If we sat more than one at a cafe table, we’d have someone to watch our laptops while we took bathroom breaks. If we said hello to our neighbors, we’d have someone to dogsit. If we called our family members back, we’d have a ride to the store. 

But our focus on getting shit done and securing the bag makes all this too difficult. After working and working out, we don’t have energy for each other. So we have to take our bags into the bathroom at the cafe. We need Wag to walk our dogs and Uber to take us to the grocery store and AirBnB to have a place to sleep when we travel and to hire a caregiver and Instacart for our groceries and…… all just costs so much money.

So we have to make more money so we don’t have the time to watch the kids so we need daycare for before and after school and a pickup/dropoff service for daycare but then things happen with the kids and we’re not there for them so they act out and stress us out and now the kid needs someone to talk to and we need someone to talk to and we don’t have any friends to talk to so we have to hire a therapist, but the therapist is expensive because health insurance doesn’t cover all that…. 

So we have to work harder to make more money and…and…and…and…

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