Driven by a need to uncover the truth and communicate with clarity, I maintain a set of skills ranging from Visual Design to Writing to Open Data. I enjoy helping others do their highest and best work by making novel connections between seemingly disparate ideas. My interests sit at the intersection of Metaphysics, Technology, and Design. I am constantly in awe of the human spirit and prefer to build lasting relationships with colleagues and collaborators. These authentic exchanges allow me to contribute my freshest perspectives to help teams and organizations move humanity forward.


Curriculum Vitae

About the Blog

I love making connections between the old and new, ancient and future – reaching past boundaries of gender, race, culture.
I started writing out of the need to make sense of my life. I needed refine some of my own insights about what it means to come of age in an era where nobody seems to know exactly what’s going on. Or the people who do know aren’t sharing. There are no rites of passage, no elder/youth relationships, no clear way through much of anything. Having dispensed of the few things holding us together, we’re all grasping at thing air, hoping to catch our breath. Our stories and myths are changing, our sense of right and wrong is constantly being challenged. The foundation of our sanity is slipping away from us and as a collective, we’re not being wise about it. We’re not being transparent enough about it to help each other.
My hope is that some of my insights can help other people understand the philosophical mechanics behind the cliche memes being circulated. We just keep telling each other to “just follow dreams”, “just not settle”, and “just live our best lives”. But that’s not actually how life works. That’s not how any of this works. In crossing a little Joseph Campbell with James Baldwin, or a bit of Diderot with some Dan Kahneman, I’m hoping to fashion small pieces of the puzzle to get a glimpse of something that makes sense.