About Me

Ava St. Claire is a dynamic teacher and adviser. Driven by a need to uncover the truth and communicate with clarity, she enjoys helping others do their highest work as an intuitive counselor. By making novel connections between seemingly disparate ideas she teaches on topics of Metaphysics, Consciousness, Society, Technology, and Design. Ava is a scholar of Psychology and Sociology at John F. Kennedy University and the University of Chicago..

I am a child of the cosmos. My soul is most at home at a place far beyond the stars. I sit at the feet of ancestors who’ve lit a path before me. I serve at the pleasure of a Timeless Addonai. I am in this world yet not of it. I’ve aimed to behave otherwise, mostly to no avail. Forgive me in those moments when it seems I am not here.

Forever grateful to be of service, Ava.

Skills & Interests

AI Policy
Race & Technology
Truth & Knowledge
Noetic Communication

Thought. Sound. Vibration. Story. Narrative is the foundation of all knowledge and should be based on Truth. As perceptions are subjective,  the greatest Truths can only come by honest evaluation of circumstances between diverse perspectives. Without compassion, knowledge is impotent.

Joy, magic, and curiosity.

Build context from a foundation of empathy for the learner. Open dialogue nourishes intellectual curiosity. Connection at the human level is necessary for life-long learning

I take the spiritual-emotional aspects of any challenge seriously. Clients must be willing to do this part of work for services to commence and continue.

I started writing out of the need to make sense of my life. I needed to refine my own insights about what it means to come of age in an era where nobody seems to know exactly what’s going on. There are no rites of passage, no elder/youth relationships, no clear way through much of anything. Having dispensed of the few things holding us together, we’re all grasping at thin air, hoping to catch our breath. Our stories and myths are changing, our sense of right and wrong is constantly being challenged. The foundation of our sanity is slipping away from us and as a collective, we’re not being wise about it. Hopefully, these insights can help people understand the philosophical mechanics behind the cliches and memes. In crossing a little Joseph Campbell with James Baldwin, or a bit of Malidoma Some with some Dan Kahneman, I aim to get a glimpse of something that brings clarity.